Marketing is a piece of cake. It’s simply about results not show time. It only needs competence, substance, knowledge, experience and creativity and engagement as well - that’s it.

A private office


Our clients just only want our best. But to provide our best we see the need to leave the trodden paths to remain both flexible and creative. This includes especially the environment and the workflow. Both are optimized for our requirements.


Here with us it's great to think, enriching to talk and commercially successful.

Once we have been asked to whom we would sell „the“ best idea. Pretty simple. To whom who has requested it. Contrary to what is commonly believe efficient marketing ideas will not pop up in the shower. Ideas has to be worked out. Long-term experience, market knowledge and a clear understanding of human awareness and mode of actions helps a lot.


Our clients perfer to work with us because we know what we are doing. We know the markets and media and advise the „old-school“ way.

Some marketing thought experiments


When does marketing works? How to measure success and who is deciding what will still work tomorrow? Why are rhymes so out?


So many questions already came up on this table.


And here are some answers.


Everything works if the ingredients of the dish are fitting together. The treatment has to be perfect and it must be tasteful for the target group.
There is no big difference between cooking and marketing.  What will be successful
tomorrow depends on several factors. What will be a current mega trend, what’s offered on the market? One thing always works: a good product.

Unfortunately we find rarely rhymes and vocals. That‘s a result of a mainstream and dispiritedness. Trendy or not trendy: rhymes and songs are much easier to embed in the brain then logos and slogans.


Some reasons for a successful marketing:

• Right strategy and message

• A great product

• Perfect means, media and a memorable creative performance

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