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We avoid arbitrariness. We avoid mistakes. We ask the right questions + we question our own work. Finally it’s always about the recipient.


Do we have a clear message, the right environment, the matching testimonial and the right visual world? Are there any resentments, is the benefit to see, do we meet the needs?


Is the visibility comprehensible and technically perfect? Do we have consistency, fits the concepts, does it match with your target groups, is there any distinction to our competitors?

Are the channels fine, the spread and the media mix?


Finding the answers requires competence. We analyze before we visualize. Well, we act responsible with your budgets. Binzcom is loyal and reliable.



Accurate planning

Strict adherence of time schedules

Unique and unexceptionally visuals

Texts hitting audience’s nerves

Feasible campaigns

Adhering the budget targets




Our heart beat for precision.

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Binz communications

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